How To Choose The Right Lingerie For You

One of the best things about choosing lingerie is that there is something out there that can suit all types of body shape. To find the right lingerie for you read the following tips before you venture out and you will soon find something that will please both you and your partner.

Keep your body shape in mind

Although knowing your body shape can help you to identify the right lingerie for you is not the only tip to getting it right, you should pay attention to it. Remember that not everyone falls into a hard and fast category such as being pear shaped or apple shaped, you may be a bit of a few categories. Rather than putting yourself into one of the categories the best way to determine your lingerie is to think about the clothes you usually look good in. if you usually go for lower tops then you will know that your breasts are something you want to accent, if you have a perfect waist and wear low waist jeans and cut tops then you will want to concentrate on your stomach and waist area when determining your lingerie type. Think about the parts of your body that you are less pleased with. If you have smaller breasts you may want to add padding to your bra, if your stomach needs work then choose something that will hug your figure to hide the parts you donât like but accent those you love.

Think about your best features

In order to find lingerie that suits you, you should focus on the best body parts that you usually show off. although most women are insecure about their body in some way, rather than knock your own confidence concentrate on your most favoured parts whether it’s your breasts, waist or something totally different. Remember that your partner will not obsess over the things you don’t like about yourself and also that lingerie isnât just for skinny women and flimsy. There are many types that will help you cover up the parts you don’t want on display. Wear something that you are going to feel confident in.


When lingerie shopping it’s a good idea to wear a flimsy pair of pants such as a thong or G string so that you can try on the different types of lingerie. This is something you may not be able to do by shopping online, however you can try on different styles in store then select the items you want when you go back home based on your findings. When you are shopping remember that the lighting in changing rooms is often harsh and wonât show you in your best light. It’s a good idea to take a friend or your partner so that you can get a second opinion on things.

Start with 2 outfits

Rather than purchasing lots of lingerie you should start off with 2 different types until you feel comfortable with them. Once you are happy with your look you can experiment further. As well as how lingerie looks remember that part of wearing it and getting enjoyment is feeling comfortable so don’t forget to pay attention to how different materials feel when they are against your skin. The two items you choose should totally contrast one another. Select one that would be a safe bet and casual and then go outlandish with a sexy ensemble. You will have 2 to choose from when you’re confident enough to show your partner depending on how the mood takes you.

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