How To Look Fantastic In Almost Anything

Clothes Make the Man or not?

Letâs face it. There are those times when you look at someone and wonder how they manage to look so
gorgeous in something that is so simple or commonplace. And you might have the other end of the
experience too. Someone who might have obviously spent a fortune on their clothes, accessories and
makeup may still look dull and drab. So, whatâs it with appearances that matter? How is it that few
people manage to look fantastic in almost anything they wear?

The answers to these questions lie within self and are not any rocket science or beauty secret as such.
Each one of us is gifted with some features that are so unique to us. Letâs not forget that beauty is in the
eye of the beholder. So, it is also possible that someone who looks good to you does not look so to
another person and vice versa.

Is it the clothes?
It is important for each of us to know what our assets are. It could be our face, our hair, our eyes, our
lips or our figure or our height even. It may take a little time, but it is worth investing some time finding
what our assets are. Just think back to all those compliments that you have received. That should give
you a hint.

We look good when we choose wisely. Itâs not just the clothes per se. But the fact that those clothes
should suit you, fit well upon you, should reflect your personality, highlight your assets and hide your
flaws if any (letâs face it, we all have something that we donât like about us and would want to change
given a chance, isnât it?).

Points to note
So, what we need to do is acquire a sense for our clothes. We need to know which colour suits us or
better still, looks good on us. We need to know what accessories look good with which dress and
whether we should wear any at all. We need to understand what styles suit us and what donât.
Experiment with your hair styles as well to see what suits your face well.

Most important of all is to learn to wear your attitude and personality along with your dress. They do
say that you are never fully dressed unless you wear a smile, so itâs clear that itâs not just the clothes
after all.

Learn to pick the right clothes even if it is simple ones that fit right and makes you feel good. The feel
good almost always is likely to turn to into look good factor as well. So, there is no secret in people who
look fantastic in almost anything. It is just that they have found the right technique of picking what is
right and carrying it well. The feeling of confidence in oneâs choice of clothes shows through always. If
you pick well, then half your battle is won and the rest as they say is history.

So if you are one of those who have not yet found that right technique, you can get help from some
professionals and take some time out to try out new styles and colours. Back this up with some makeup
to highlight your assets and lo behold, before you know it, you will start looking good in anything!!!!!