5 Popular Beauty Trends For 2017

Because 2017 is right around the corner, beauty trends that are expected, or are already confirmed, are starting to come out of the woodwork and into the light. Are you prepared for the 5 popular beauty trends for 2017? If not, keep reading so you can be!

The Smudged Eye

Like the smoky eye, which has been increasingly popular following the end of 2015 and straight through 2016, the smudged eye is, surprisingly, inspired by the look of cigarette ash when smudged, and gives the look of a 24-hour, tired makeup look. Interestingly enough, its increasingly popular and expected to be a huge hit come 2017.

Clean, Clear Skin

Thanks to Alicia Keys giving up makeup and other cosmetics completely, natural beauty is becoming the next big trend. Girls all over are scrapping makeup and going with their natural, clean flow instead of wearing makeup, while others are only wearing cover-up to hide acne, blemishes, and other marks on the facial area.

Glitter Everywhere

Glitter lips, eyelids, and even highlighted glittery cheeks are becoming one of the next big trends for 2017. DKNY and Fendi fashion shows had nearly all of the models who were wearing the next big trends for 2017 wearing gorgeous, glittery lips. Though some consider having glitter all over the facial area, especially the lips, somewhat of an oddity, its definitely going to become the next big thing to hit the runway and the streets.

Long, Slicked Hair
Thanks to Kim Kardashian, who most recently rocked the long, wet, slicked style of hair, its now becoming a widely expected trend for 2017. This look requires plenty of hairspray, mousse, and volume in certain sections of the hair. This is another large trend that has been spotted at multiple Fashion Weeks throughout the year of 2016, and is expected to keep going well into 2017. Well, we will all admit that other than being popularized by the likes of Kim, the elegance of this hair style will easily make every damsel die for it.

Burgundy Lips

Move over, natural nude lipstick, its burgundys time to shine. 2016 has seen dark lipsticks come into play when it comes to a beauty trend, with black, dark purple, and burgundy becoming favorites among all else. The most popular way to wear burgundy lipstick, according to Fashion Weeks and civilians alike, is by only wearing cover-up and the burgundy lipstick itself. It highlights your lips and leaves you with an almost natural look.

There you have it, the 5 popular beauty trends for 2017, based on civilian makeup gurus, models, and the many Fashion Weeks that go on during the fall

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