What Is The Best Material For A Bra?

Lingerie is one of the most important things for women across the globe. It is essential and is required by everyone. Yet, to get a comfortable and supportive bra is one big task for women. These are only few factors to keep in mind before buying one.

A necessary factor which needs to be considered is the material used for the bra. This is one factor which leads to everything-from it being comfortable to supportive and soft. Fabric or material matters the most while buying any bra. There has been a huge evolution in lingerie when it comes to its fabric. Ages ago, only natural woven fabrics like cotton, silk, and linen were used. However, things started evolving and in addition to these, synthetic fabrics like nylon, micro fibre, polyester etc. were introduced. These modern fabrics are more in demand these days. Letâs talk about the most popular fabrics:

â Cotton: Bras made from this fabric havenât evolved much. They still have the same features as earlier. They are easy to wash, are wire-free and are way softer than others. However, they fail to provide optimal support for most breast sizes. The classic cotton bras rely on seaming and their wide straps for support. Although, it may not be difficult to provide support for smaller sizes, but, they may still not be able to uplift or give shape to the chest. Additionally, they tend to lose their shape after a few washes as the fabric stretches out.

â Cotton blends: Due to the continuous advancement in the technique and the fabric of bras, a lot of fabrics have been mixed. One such fabric is the cotton blend. Bras made from these are also known as T-shirt bras. These are not made from only cotton. Rather, a mix of fabric. This turns out to be very useful as cotton is comfortable, provides apt shape and the other fabric provides the stretch necessary for more comfort.

â Synthetic: These include man-made textures like polyester, nylon, spandex, rayon, microfibre and many more. The best part of such bras is that these allow for sweat evaporation from your body unlike the cotton bras. This can very well hold the under-wire, which is very essential for holding up the breasts throughout the day. The good quality ones are durable, retain their shape, and even dry quickly.

Looking at the various options, selecting the best ones can be tedious. On comparing the cotton and the synthetic ones, we would find that synthetic ones are more light-weight and softer than the cotton ones. The synthetic ones are beautifully crafted and feel very light on your body. These ones are also perfect for those sweltering summers and the scorching heat. If you are obsessed with your gym schedule, choose a synthetic one as the fabric is breathable unlike cotton. Cotton ones arenât very comfortable while exercising since they do not help in sweat evaporation.

Therefore, both cotton ones and synthetic ones are good for everyday wear. It completely depends on your choice and preferences.